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CLDesigns is a multi-disciplinary creative design studio with several years of brand redefining experience specializing in a diverse array of fields including transport, consumer product, packaging, eyewear, interior, exhibition design, and more..... CLDesigns' founder and creative force, Christopher Lavelanet, possesses a strong ability to interpret and enhance brand equity by providing excitingly fresh, new design solutions and focusing on innovation and visual distinction as a means to success and profitability.

CLDesigns is well versed in every aspect of the professional design process from research to overseeing product development and manufacturing which has been proven in a variety of high-profile projects for Fortune 500 companies such as BMW, Ford, Lincoln, Volvo, Ferrari, John Deere, Pepsi Co., Oakley, Skechers, Church & Dwight, Baxter Healthcare, and more. Projects such as the2014Ford Edge,Volvo FM and FMX commercial trucks, Ferrari 650 Berlinetta Sportiva, TAM Auto Engineering racing team brand, Mountain Dew 20oz. bottle, and the Avon Skin So Soft bottle are a few examples of CLDesigns' creative potency and versatility.

The combination of design competencies listed above and CLDesigns' multi-cultural, international background and experience make it a truly dynamic fusion of vibrant influences and creative talent which can result in worthy design progression and accelerated growth for your brand and/or product.

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