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Christopher Lavelanet has worked as contract exterior designer at Volvo Trucks Corporation, Product Design Department in Gothenburg during the period May 22 2008 to February 10 2009.

During his time at Volvo Trucks Corporation Christopher has taken part in several projects, one that will be produced in the near future, and worked on concepts for the future. The production project required Christopher to visualize the exterior design with sketches and supervise clay modellers. Present the concepts to product management, and to work with the mechanical engineers to refine the design in CAD.

Christopher demonstrated a high degree of focus and concentration despite the new environment and has a form sense that is extremely well developed. His sketching technique is superb and would be an advantage to any design group. CAD skills are always desirable and Christopher was able to model his design despite the difficulty of the form. Delivering CAD models according to Volvo standard requires determination and he quickly picked up tips from the group.

It is better to be creative and have visualisation skills than be engineering oriented, but often, a young designer with such creative talent as Christopher, lack knowledge of production technique related to the truck business. Christopher showed that this can be overcome through professional experience and learning, but it is important to stress the need for this knowledge.

The fact that we will be putting Christophers design into production speaks for his talent. He would be a positive and creative power in any design group.

Göteborg June 18, 2009

Volvo Trucks Corporation

Product Design

Patrik Palovaara

Lead Designer



Christopher Lavelanet worked as a lead contract industrial designer at Philips Design

in Atlanta from November 2009 to March 2010.

During his time at Philips, Christopher worked on a structural packaging design project

for a leading brand of quick service restaurants. The project required Christopher to

create a design language that was aligned with the clients brand, environmentally

responsible and differentiated from the competition. Christopher took leadership of

the project, supervised other designers, presented his work to the client and managed


Christopher demonstrated a high degree of determination and focus and has a form

sense that is extremely well developed. His sketching technique is efficient and sophisticated and would be an advantage to any design project. Christopher was also able

to model his designs in CAD and his models were used to create functional prototypes

for testing.

I can't say enough good things about Christopher! One look at his portfolio showed us

how creative he was. I can safely say that Christopher would be a positive and uplifting addition to any design team or organization.

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Chris Poma

Senior Project Manager

Philips Design

66 Perimeter Center East, 8th Floor

Atlanta, GA 30346, USA


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